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Tech Philosopher.
Fractional CMO.

Bringing heart into technology and helping startups scale through thoughtful action.

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Maria Selting
’’To understand the future, we first need to understand the past and the present.’’

Fuelling ideas for a brighter future

With 13+ years of experience in the startup tech industry heading marketing teams, developing market strategies, and accelerating product growth, I know a thing or two about marketing.

Through my company, Phuturist, I host thought-provoking talks and help startups scale their marketing efforts. I’ve always had an inquisitive mind and find myself discovering patterns in where the world is going. This core strength empowers me to build market strategies and analyze the future. In my talks, I bring awareness into the future and leave the audience with an expanded worldview.

I believe that in an ever-changing world with technology developing at an exceptional speed, it is more important than ever to stay on top of change. I believe we do this by challenging our current – and sometimes biased – belief systems.

I firmly believe that what's going to build true future resilience is the ability to think systematically and make sense of an unknown world.

I thrive on getting people to ask the question 'why' and bringing philosophical subjects into technology. A Tech Philosopher, you could call me.

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