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Maria Selting giving talk
“Maria is a rising star on stage and her thought-provoking approach to debate makes it an event worth watching. She thrives with questioning like a Socrates disciple and makes sure everyone is actively thinking, not just watching.”
joao mendes
Joao Mendes, Online Events Consultant
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Making sense of the future

Maria talking Gazing into the Ideas of the Future

Gazing into the ideas of the future

How can we adapt to an ever-changing world? How fast is the world changing? What great ideas across the world can we get inspired by? I present a few different concepts that futurists across the world are working on.
maria talking Mental Shifts to Thrive in the Future

Five mental shifts to thrive in the future

What are the mental shifts we need to thrive in the future? You can always learn new skills, but navigating the chaos is the hard part. I run through five mental shifts that worldwide thought leaders believe are key to thriving in the future.
maria talking How Technology Can Build Resilience with Philosophy

How technology can build resilience with philosophy

How do you teach artificial iIntelligence (AI) morality and ethics? How can philosophy guide you in ethical dilemmas? How can you better understand what you are building, before it is too late? By delving into philosophy, technology can find guidance.
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maria talking Mental Shifts to Thrive in the Future

Custom: A Futurist deep dive into your industry

What are the trends, movements, and innovations that impact your industry? What are the seemingly unrelated movements that might impact your business? We cannot predict the future, but we can speculate. In order to make sense of our complex world, we need first to understand the spillover effects between industries and societal events. By looking inside and outside, we can be better prepared for the future than yesterday.
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Speculative design foresight analysis
Workshop series: Future-proof your strategy

Forecast with confidence: Strategic planning for informed decisions

Overwhelmed by the growth of our exponentially fast-changing world? In this workshop, we make sense of key uncertainties and potential future scenarios, so you can lead your business with confidence in an unpredictable world.

Using the Futures Wheel model, we generate multiple future scenarios beyond the typical budget planning. We decide which scenarios to plan for, optimise for, and disregard. Mapping these scenarios against your current strategy will reveal whether it is serving your future goals.

Joining this workshop as a stepping stone before you move into a strategy planning session will equip you with the necessary skills to make wise business decisions about the future.

One simple question

Creating a better tomorrow by asking one simple question: Why?

After 13+ years working in tech, I know the industry has many great tools, but not all the answers. I believe what's going to build resilience is the ability to think systematically and challenge what we take for granted – always with our hearts in the right place.​ I present talks on futurism, technology, and philosophy, exploring how to integrate these subjects to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
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maria organising tedx

I help the TEDx team find the next brilliant idea worth spreading

As a content researcher in the TEDx speakers team, I source speakers and evaluate and extract the essence of the next great idea worth spreading on stage. At TEDx, we look for ideas rather than professional speakers, so we coach the speaker on delivering the message effectively.
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