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With 13+ years of startup marketing experience, I can help kick-start your marketing and lay a solid foundation for long-term success.
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What others say about my marketing services

Whether you need a fractional CMO who can help you build your marketing team from scratch or scale your marketing efforts, I’ve got your back. Here’s what my clients and employers have said about me.

Yashar Moradbakhti

Yashar Moradbakhti

Founder & CEO at Lingio

’’Maria is structured, results-driven and a highly dedicated and loyal talent who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to reach the goals.’’

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Maria has in a short period of time taken Lingio from an outbound-driven sales organisation, to generating a significant amount of inbound leads and putting Lingio on the map as a well-known brand within our industry. Maria has in two years built a new marketing team of 8 talents completely revamping Lingio's website and brand and building up all of Lingio's marketing efforts.

Maria is both strategic and operational and is therefore the perfect CMO for any startup or scale-up looking to build their marketing efforts from scratch or scale their marketing efforts to get to the next level.

Thor Olof Philogene

Thor Olof Philogene

Founder & CEO at Stravito

’’Maria has a unique ability of seeing how a small piece of work she is resolving fits into a larger context.’’

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Maria is one of those rare, dedicated, personable and professional persons that you look forward to working with each day. She is smart and possesses a keen eye for detail with a high level of self-motivation and drive allowing her to take initiative to not just do the job right, but also go above and beyond her obligations to make things as good as they can be.

As a person she is dedicated, creative and resourceful, and has the tenacity and determination to develop, implement and execute the utmost challenging tasks on a broad spectrum of challenges. Her professionalism and can-do attitude motivates her colleagues and I am confident in saying that she would be a great asset to any team. She has always performed at her best, even when under pressure or on tight schedules. It an honor for me to give her my highest recommendation.

Rasmus Adler Wahlberg

Rasmus Adler Wahlberg

Former and CO-founder CEO at Advisa

“She delivered a multitude of national PR coverage and one campaign was nominated for PR-campaign of the year.”

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Maria is an energetic, positive doer that it's a true pleasure to work with. She's warm, takes initiative and combines strategic and tactical thinking successfully in her work.

At Advisa, I saw her contuniously learn and develop while taking responsibility and delivering outstanding results at high speed. She delivered a multitude of national PR coverage and TV interviews with one campaign being nominated for PR-campaign of the year. She furthermore led the launch of our content marketing and rebranding.

Rebecca Nelson

Mikael Westmark

CEO and Communications Consultant at Westmark

’’When engaging Maria as a PR and marketing consultant, you know that you’ll get results.’

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Running a virtual and network centric communications agency is impossible without great people. Maria is one of those dedicated and experienced consultants that makes a difference in any project. She is analytical and business focused with an impressing deep knowledge from especially the tech, financial and startup industries. She always brings a fresh approach on communications to us while making sure to deliver hands-on results for our clients.

Fractional CMO services for startups

Built a great impact product, but lack the marketing experience?

Look no further. With more than 13+ years of experience building marketing teams and working both strategically and operationally in the startup industry, I can help you kick-start your marketing efforts and set a solid foundation for a future marketing team.
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Case studies

How I helped startups scale their marketing teams and efforts

Check out how I’ve built marketing teams from scratch, scaled marketing efforts and kick-started lead-generation engines at companies like Lingio, iZettle by PayPal, and Technigo.

lingio logo
| Contracted Marketing Director

Built a new marketing team and lead-generation engine

As the contracted Marketing Director at Lingio, I built a new marketing team of 8 talents. Within a year, we went from an outbound-driven sales organisation to generating significant inbound leads and putting Lingio on the map as a well-known brand within our industry.

In my role, I delivered performance marketing results that were double the industry average and doubled lead performance metrics every 6 months.
zettle logo
| Marketing Intelligence Lead

Built a marketing intelligence team

After two years in commercial management, product development, and market research at iZettle, I built up my own marketing intelligence team from scratch. Recruiting four data analysts, marketing researchers, and CRO experts from all over the world, I built up a new data engine within the marketing team.
technigo logo
| PR Manager

Kick-launched the 100 Women Coding

I joined forces with four other women to organise a code camp for 100 female professionals in Barcelona. With no resources, I helped kick-start the project by using PR as a launch method. This resulted in features on the morning news, national newspapers, radio, and more. The tickets sold out in less than 1 minute.