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Strategy planning for an unpredictable future

Exploring the speculative design approach
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The benefits of a foresight analysis

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Gain clarity on key future uncertainties

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Speculative design foresight analysis
The Speculative Design workshop

Forecast with confidence: Strategic planning for informed decisions

Overwhelmed by the growth of our exponentially fast-changing world? In this workshop, we make sense of key uncertainties and potential future scenarios, so you can lead your business with confidence in an unpredictable world.

Using the Futures Wheel model, we generate multiple future scenarios beyond the typical budget planning. We decide which scenarios to plan for, optimise for, and disregard. Mapping these scenarios against your current strategy will reveal whether it is serving your future goals.

Joining this workshop as a stepping stone before you move into a strategy planning session will equip you with the necessary skills to make wise business decisions about the future.

The hard facts

Key deliverables

What you'll get out of this workshop:

1. An introduction to future scenario planning and macro trends

2. How to identify key uncertainties and signals related to your company

3. How to generate a number of multiple future scenarios divided into likely, possible and preferred future scenarios

4. How to stress-test your existing strategy against the future scenarios

5. How to decide which future scenarios your company should plan and optimise for in the next strategy planning session

This workshop lasts 3-4 hours and can be booked upon request.  

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About the facilitator

With over 14 years of experience leading marketing teams and crafting market strategies in the startup tech industry, Maria Selting knows a thing or two about strategy planning in a fast-changing world.

Through her company, Phuturist, Maria hosts specialised talks and workshops to help companies make sense of the future and reach wiser strategy decisions.

Maria's inquisitive mind enables her to discover patterns in where the world is going. This core strength empowers her to build market strategies and analyse the future.

She is an experienced facilitator who applies the latest agile methodologies to ensure that workshops run smoothly and effectively.


What my previous clients and managers say

Yashar Moradbakhti

Yashar Moradbakhti

Founder & CEO at Lingio

’’Maria is structured, results-driven and a highly dedicated and loyal talent who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to reach the goals.’’

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Maria has in a short period of time taken Lingio from an outbound-driven sales organisation, to generating a significant amount of inbound leads and putting Lingio on the map as a well-known brand within our industry. Maria has in two years built a new marketing team of 8 talents completely revamping Lingio's website and brand and building up all of Lingio's marketing efforts.

Maria is both strategic and operational and is therefore the perfect CMO for any startup or scale-up looking to build their marketing efforts from scratch or scale their marketing efforts to get to the next level.

Joao Mendes

Joao Mendes

Online Events Consultant

’’Maria is a rising star on stage.’’

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Maria's thought-provoking approach to the debate makes it an event worth watching. She thrives with questioning like a Socrates disciple and makes sure everyone is actively thinking, not just watching.

Thor Olof Philogene

Thor Olof Philogene

Founder & CEO at Stravito

’’Maria has a unique ability of seeing how a small piece of work she is resolving fits into a larger context.’’

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Maria is one of those rare, dedicated, personable and professional persons that you look forward to working with each day. She is smart and possesses a keen eye for detail with a high level of self-motivation and drive allowing her to take initiative to not just do the job right, but also go above and beyond her obligations to make things as good as they can be.

As a person she is dedicated, creative and resourceful, and has the tenacity and determination to develop, implement and execute the utmost challenging tasks on a broad spectrum of challenges. Her professionalism and can-do attitude motivates her colleagues and I am confident in saying that she would be a great asset to any team. She has always performed at her best, even when under pressure or on tight schedules. It an honor for me to give her my highest recommendation.

Future scenarios: An example exercise

What could happen if all the bees disappeared?

Maria Selting